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June 7, 2012

Bing Social Search: “Discovering Hawaii” Promo

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Bing’s “Summer of Doing” marketing campaign has kicked off, showing us how “It’s amazing what you can do when your friends are part of your search.”

I’ve been playing around with Bing’s social search and although I get how it’s supposed to work, my searches and my Facebook friends’ areas of expertise don’t seem to overlap too much. So, my social search results aren’t all that exciting…yet. The “Discovering Hawaii” commercial is a pretty, fun example of how Bing’s social search, which as of this month has been rolled out to all U.S. users, should indeed work.

Three thoughts:

  1. The way I use the web now…I would just hop over to Facebook and post my “Headed to Hawaii!!!! Who has some recommendations?!?!” announcement and question over there. I wouldn’t be on Bing. But, this is what I say now, knowing that the lines between “social” and “search” are blurring.
  2. How I wish I had a reason to post “Headed to Hawaii!” on Bing social search, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.!?!?!
  3. The evolution of social search fascinates me. I look forward to seeing what it looks like and how we’re using it, via both Bing and Google, say…a year from now. I expect we’ll see many, many changes in our results with both search engines in the very near future.

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